Keeping High Profile LGBT Divorce Cases Quiet and Discrete

With the successful passage of the Marriage Fairness Act, same-sex couples all across the country are free to marry. Just like any other institution, these marriages often face similar legal issues such as prenups, adoption, separation, and divorce. However, some legal problems are highly unique and case specific to LGBT couples, especially when high-profile individuals are involved. It’s tough enough going through a divorce without attracting the attention of story-hungry journalists and tabloids. Just because your professional life is out in the spotlight doesn’t mean that your personal, private life has to be.

Our Lawyers are committed to making high-profile LGBT divorce quiet and discrete for sports and entertainment superstars. We have represented various well-known athletes, musicians, actors, public figures, entertainers and other high net worth individuals. What makes us a suitable choice for high profile LGBT divorce cases is our discrete approach to the procedure. We understand that a messy divorce can quickly steal the focus away from your professional life. If your private affairs were to make it to the public, the outcome could devastate or completely ruin your career. Celebrity or not, nobody should have to see the most private details of their life plastered across every newspaper and television network in the country. But what exactly makes us the best at what we do?

Personal and Total Attention

Unlike other law firms where you need to go through a plethora of assistants before talking to the boss, our clients never have to experience any of that. You and your partner get specialized personal attention every time you walk into our office. This has been made feasible by a team approach where a client has access to more than one lawyer and an entire support staff at any given time.

Years of Experience in High Profile LGBT Cases

Our Sports and Entertainment Family law division has encountered every legal scenario under the sun. Whether it’s the complicated financial matters involved with high net worth individuals or litigation issues, we will resolve them as quickly and quietly as possible. In fact, most news hounds only get wind of a divorce long after the proceedings are done with. What makes us so successful is our flawless fusion of fresh, young, aggressive lawyers with the skill and wisdom of the more seasoned divorce attorneys.

Flexible Legal Services

When it comes to celebrities, nothing is quite in the norm. Whereas your typical divorce will face common difficulties, high profile LGBT divorce poses unique complications that raise particular concerns. It could be as simple as drafting up a visitation schedule for the traveling athlete or the more complex financial arrangements for musicians and actors who receive huge sums of money as opposed to the usual monthly paycheck. Whatever the case, our team of attorneys are ready to come up with practical solutions for the benefit of both parties.

Corresponding with Attorneys

Due to various constraints or professional obligations, our clients may not always be available at all times. To facilitate all your goals, we work hand in hand with your agents, publicists, personal assistants, financial advisors, and any other representatives of high profile clients. However, lawyer-client confidentiality is maintained at peak levels to ensure that details of the divorce are not leaked to the public.

Leave the Press to Us

Due to our long history with different media houses, we are the perfect choice for LGBT couples looking for a quiet divorce. Rumors and gossip surrounding divorce cases are bound to spread. This is where we come to the rescue and neutralize any negative press. By nipping the crisis in the bud, we guarantee that your personal life remains just that, private and confidential. In cases where children are involved, we minimize your family’s exposure to the media to protect everyone from emotional distress or harassment.

Bottom Line:

Our lawyers find it very rewarding to represent clients in divorce related matters. Representing our astute, high profile, LGBT clients may be twice the challenge, but it is also twice as rewarding. We welcome any new clients that wish to join our legal family and look forward to helping resolve issues with discretion, integrity, and excellence. High profile cases are always prime targets for gossip columns and exposés. Our top priority is to shield your family, career, and reputation from unwanted attention and scrutiny from the public.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash