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Given the rapidly changing landscape of LGBT and non-marital family law, an same-sex divorce or dissolution also has the potential to impact the larger LGBT community. The dissolution of an LGBT marriage or domestic partnership is heart-wrenching. That’s why it is essential to enlist the services of a law firm that deals exclusively with gay family law.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or transgender divorce can be legally complex, and even more so when a couple has children. At the Gay Family Law Center, we put the needs of our clients front and center, and will guide you through the path – mediation, collaboration, and/or litigation – that will best achieve your desired outcome.

If you’re experiencing an gay divorce and have children, California Family Court typically requires that you attempt mediation prior to litigation. Mediation, which involves working with a neutral third party in order to negotiate a resolution, can involve working on custody issues, property issues, or Gay Divorceboth. Mediators can be those who work with the Family Court or who work in private practice. The team at the Gay Family Law Center routinely works with mediators who understand LGBT divorce and dissolution issues and who are skilled in arriving at solutions that are acceptable to both parties.

When mediation isn’t an option, collaboration often provides a practical alternative. In collaboration, an attorney negotiates on behalf of each spouse or partner. This path is most helpful when spouses or partners are experiencing a high degree of conflict, or when one spouse or partner is at a disadvantage and needs an advocate to represent him or her. Your attorney at the Gay Family Law Center will be your voice and act on your behalf every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most of what you want while avoiding litigation.

The final – and least desirable – option is litigation. Because litigation is costly, it is the last resort for issues that can’t be mediated or negotiated. However, when litigation is called for, your attorney at the Gay Family Law Center will relentlessly represent you. She or he will use every tool available, from discovery and pre-trial motions to the trial and appeals process. The attorneys at the Gay Family Law Center have the trial experience to represent your interests, advise you about your likelihood of success, and see litigation through to its conclusion.

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The Gay Family Law Center Difference

Just like families, family challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Some are universal, while others are specific to the LGBT experience. Some gay family law issues are straightforward and easily managed, while others are complicated and arduous. At the Gay Family Law Center, we understand that same-sex divorce law isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.

The Gay Family Law Center has an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge in gay divorce and dissolution of LGBT registered domestic partnerships. And, because we are experienced gay couples’ divorce lawyers in Los Angeles, we understand your concerns and honor your unique experience. Our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender family lawyers have deep expertise in LGBT divorce and dissolution law and an unwavering commitment to achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

If you’re part of the Greater Los Angeles LGBT community and are going through a divorce or dissolution, it’s crucial to get legal assistance from the Gay Family Law Center.

Remember, when it comes to LGBT divorce and dissolution, you deserve a firm that understands how the nuances of the law can impact you. You deserve a firm that stands by your side. You deserve the Gay Family Law Center.

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